🏋️📚 Incremental Elm Group Coaching Program

Would you like to develop skills to help you with the following challenges?
What does the process of architecture look like in elm?
How do you know which parts of your elm code to split out and organize together?
How do you keep your app easy to change and hard to break as you grow your non-trivial single-page apps?
How do you make working with new elm libraries manageable?
How can you use types to fix bugs and prevent new bugs?
In my Incremental Elm Group Coaching program, you will develop the habits and skills to address these issues head-on. Because the program is structured around group coaching and battle-tested lessons and exercises, the program is relatively high on learning commitment, and relatively low on financial commitment. You'll come away with more than a knowledge dump. You'll come away with real skills and real improvements to your codebase.
You'll learn through several mediums:
Group coaching calls every week
Drills to practice core skills
Exercises to apply to improve your codebase and get feedback in coaching hours
Slack chat with your peers in your program
The program is limited to 5 people, which means you get a good balance of coaching on your specific issues, and learning from other developer's experiences.