Created January 13, 2020
Updated June 27, 2021

Recommended Editor Configuration

My editor of choice is IntelliJ with the excellent intellij-elm plugin. You can install the free IntelliJ Community Edition, or use a paid JetBrains IDE (it will work just as well either way).

To see some of the great features of intellij-elm's features in action, take a look at the feature demo gifs in the docs.

IntelliJ Vim Configuration#

If you like vim motions, it's worth installing IdeaVim.

There's also a somewhat hidden feature that you can enable some built-in emulated vim plugins. These docs describe all the available plugins and how to enable them.

If you want to use my recommended setup, you can just copy-paste this into a file at ~/.ideavimrc:

set surround
set commentary
set ReplaceWithRegister
set easymotion
set argtextobj
set exchange
set textobj-entire

let g:argtextobj_pairs="(:),{:},<:>,[:]"

Remote Pairing#

The IntelliJ GitDuck plugin allows you to pair in either VS Code or intellij-elm.