Created January 13, 2020
Updated June 27, 2021

Getting Started Resources

Here are my favorite resources for learning the Elm fundamentals.

The Official Elm Guide

Learn the fundamentals from Evan Czaplicki, the creator of Elm. It's pretty concise, I recommend going through it when you first start with Elm!

Making Impossible States Impossible

Once Elm beginners have learned the basic Elm syntax, the next stumbling block I see is often learning to write idiomatic Elm code. Idiomatic Elm code uses Custom Types, which are much more expressive than the types most languages have (if they are typed at all). This 20-minute video teaches you how to use types to eliminate corner-cases at compile-time!

Elm in Action

If you want to thoroughly master the fundamentals, I highly recommend working through this book!

The Elm Slack

This is a great place to get help when you're starting out, there are lots of friendly people in #beginners.