Migrating a blog to elm-pages 2.0

Guest: Jeroen Engels

Working on intellij-elm

Guest: Keith Lazuka

Keith Lazuka, the maintainer of intellij-elm, joins me to pair to build a new feature from scratch. We use test-driven development to build up a quick fix to create a function from inferred usage off of an unresolved reference error.

Test && Commit || Revert - Snapshot Testing with Corey Haines

Guest: Corey Haines

Corey Haines and I will try out a proof-of-concept library I have for running snapshot tests in Elm, calling out to Jest under the hood. We'll try doing some test && commit || revert to see how far we can push the envelope for testing practices in Elm!

Testing Msgs with architecture-test

Guest: Martin Janiczek

Martin Janiczek will show us how to use his architecture-test package to test Msgs in our Elm apps.

Contributing to intellij-elm

Guest: Aaron VonderHaar

Aaron has thought a lot about Elm ASTs and refactoring. I've been spending some time contributing to intellij-elm. We'll pair and I'll give Aaron an intro to how to add a feature in intellij-elm, and we'll try to build something useful!

Building elm-markdown plugins to transform and validate your AST

Guest: Philipp Krüger

Philipp Krüger has contributed a lot of code and ideas around the API design that allow you to configure dillonkearns/elm-markdown. We'll pair to build some plugins for doing things like validating your markdown headings, transforming heading formatting, and extracting a table of contents from parsed markdown blocks.

Extending Elm's guarantees with elm-review

Guest: Jeroen Engels

Jeroen just did a major new release of elm-review. We'll use some rules to improve some Elm open source projects and make life easier for contributors.

SPA state patterns

Guest: Ryan Haskell-Glatz

Ryan is the author of elm-spa, a framework for taking care of your Elm single-page app boilerplate: https://github.com/ryannhg/elm-spa He walks us through some patterns he's learned, applying them to the elm-pages-starter repo: https://github.com/dillonkearns/elm-pages-starter And we get a lightning round demo, building the same thing we built by hand using elm-spa!

Civic Hacking with elm-pages - Farmers' Market Delivery From Scratch

Guest: Luke Westby

In this episode, we're working with our local Farmers' Market to keep their businesses going despite people limiting their social contact with COVID-19. We'll work on an MVP using elm-pages for a simple delivery service!

Parsing Github-Flavored Markdown Tables!

Guest: Thomasin
Guest: Stephen Reddekopp

One of Elm's most powerful features is it's awesome parser library. Some frequent elm-markdown contributors and I will implement a Github-Flavored Markdown table parser from scratch!

Phantom Builder Pattern

Guest: Jeroen Engels

The builder pattern lets you conveniently configure data in a pipeline. In this session, Jeroen will show us a powerful technique to use phantom types to allow us to ensure constraints in that pipeline. We'll apply this pattern to make some improvements to the elm-pages API.