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🏋📚 Growing Elm Modules - Group Coaching Program#

Would you like to develop skills to help you with the following challenges?

  • What does the process of architecture look like in elm?
  • How do you know which parts of your elm code to split out and organize together?
  • How do you keep your app easy to change and hard to break as you grow your non-trivial single-page apps?
  • How do you make working with new elm libraries manageable?
  • How can you use types to fix bugs and prevent new bugs?

In my Growing Elm Modules program, you will develop the habits and skills to address these issues head-on. Because the program is structured around group coaching and battle-tested lessons and exercises, the program is relatively high on learning commitment, and relatively low on financial commitment. You'll come away with more than a knowledge dump. You'll come away with real skills and real improvements to your codebase.

You'll learn through several mediums:

  • Group coaching calls every week
  • Drills to practice core skills
  • Exercises to apply to improve your codebase and get feedback in coaching hours
  • Slack chat with your peers in your program

The program is limited to 5 people, which means you get a good balance of coaching on your specific issues, and learning from other developer's experiences.

If you're interested to learn more, fill out this form and I'll send you a link to schedule a call so we can explore whether this program can help you with your goals.

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👥 One-on-one Coaching#

I offer more personalized guidance that will help you improve your elm app tailored to your specific needs. If you need help with specific challenges you're facing now, this may be a good fit. If you're looking for more general improvement, the group coaching program may be a better value for you.

One-on-one coaching sessions happen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Each session has a priority and focus that we decide on beforehand, and ends with a set of next steps. The next steps serve as an action plan to maximize the learning and give you the opportunity to apply the material from the session.

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🎓 Training#

Training packages is a good fit for teams with 4+ Elm engineers. We can arrange to do remote or on-site training depending on your team's needs.

If you have a smaller team, contact me about our public remote workshops.

👋 Contact#

Want to discuss finding the right service to help you improve your elm codebase? Send me an email with a brief description of the outcome your looking for.


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